Connected Field Service

The field service supply chain is becoming ever more connected and service organizations who adapt will be well placed to gain not only improved operational efficiency but also increased customer satisfaction.

Although it can sometimes seem that these are counteracting, successful service teams are able to achieve a balance of these - which ultimately leads to greater profitability. We like to call this balance connecting people, places and things.

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Connecting the field service workflow drives increased profitability.

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Connected customers

It should start and finish with your customer

Customers are more
connected than ever before.


connected devices
by 2020


Customer service is the number one business priority for field service businesses.


Fixing it first time is the biggest customer expectation. 63% consider it unacceptable if an issue is not fixed on first visit.

Most common complaints

Linking customers into the service workflow results in higher customer satisfaction rates and additional revenue.


...say their technician lacked the skills to complete the job.


...said they didn't have the right tools or parts for the job.

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Connected operations

Streamline your processes to become more efficient.

Service delivery requires well integrated systems that provide the right data to the right resources.


Successful implementation provides 3 to 6 month average ROI.


50% increase in number of jobs completed per week.

Connect your operations

Connected workforce

Mobility is changing the field service landscape.


Implementing a mobile strategy provides:


18% increase in service visits per technician.


40% increase in service revenue contribution per technician.

Empower your mobile workers

Connected intelligence

Field service organizations are calling for a sophisticated approach to measuring KPIs across their operation.


Only 1 in 5 believe they currently get the information they need from field service data.


30% say their organization is ineffective at using data.

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Connecting your field service operationS


Connecting your people, places and things enables field service excellence.


18% increase in service profit.


42% increase in customer retention.

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